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Consider a lift lobby where people are waiting for the lift. Now when lift arrives people get in irrespective of who came first. Thus, the person who came first keeps waiting and others keep getting in. Design a lift system which can solve the problem of this person.

17 Answers

increase the load capacity of lobby by its size andhaving a narrow path in front of lobby so that the person who came first can only enter first, just like we stand for ticket in railway station.

a.)If you are talking about the technical customization, HAVE A ELEVATOR INSTEAD OF LIFT. Regards Vishnu 9884578010

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what is angle between hour hand and minute hand in clock at 4:20 ? what is biggest conflict management you have handled in your work place

14 Answers

How many ways that you can choose 3 desserts from a menu of 10?

7 Answers

suggest 5 ways of improving google maps & gmail ?

5 Answers

Estimate costs of building a metro?

3 Answers

what was most innovative technical work you have done

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How would you reduce the time taken to transfer 4GB data into 4GB pen drive by 50% from the current benchmark.

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how to design a cell phone contacts app?

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How would you balance work and family requirements

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Design a cell phone for a 2 yr old kid

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