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Senior User Experience Designer was asked...13 September 2012

Question from director: "... four people need to cross a bridge at night, there is only one flash light and only one person can walk on the bridge at a time. How do would you get them all across the bridge?"

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If a UX director asks this question, he wants to see how much of real UX designer you are, and how methodical you approach this task. A good UX designer needs to understand the real problem first. Based on the information given we can only make broad assumptions. A hypothesis based on limited data is a good starting point, but before we jump to premature "solutions", the first task is to do more digging. We need to ask questions (and do research) to understand the actual problem before we can propose a a fitting solution - a user experience that truly solves the unique problem these four people have in their specific situation (it might even turn out that they don't need to cross a bridge at night but need something completely else, but let's not go that far here). So - based on the information given, we don't know what type of bridge it is (does it have a railing, is the bridge lit, short, long, is there even pavement or gravel and potholes, is there traffic, etc...), we need to understand WHY only one person can walk on the bridge and whether the people even need to walk (they might be able to drive, maybe there is a bus that can transport them). Where is the flash light, what type of flash light is it And who are these individuals? What is the relationship between these people? Do they all have the same motivation to cross the bridge? WHY do they need to cross the bridge? Is that really what they need, or do they have a different problem? Also, are they all on the same side? Why do they need to cross the bridge at night, do they have to cross the bridge every night or just once? Etc. etc. -You get the point. In addition: What are my resources to get them over the bridge? Which technical and business opportunities and constraints do I have? In which time duration do I have to get them cross the bridge? Fun exercise for a UX candidate. Less

Nope, only 1 person at a time, remember? just have the last person shine the flashlight on the bridge while the other people cross and then cross last. Less

Well, why do you need a flashlight to cross a bridge? A blind person can cross a bridge, no? Can you not keep a hand on the railing and feel your way across? Can you not feel the rumble of traffic passing and keep away? Sure, it feels safer with a light, so let's go with that. You need to see what's ahead, so the first three people take turns shining the light from behind as one person crosses at a time. Then the fourth person crosses with the flashlight. Less

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How do you design an interface for a 1000 floors elevator

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Use a dial-pad rather than an abundant amount of buttons.

I think the best way to make 1000 floors elevator is to have manual and automatic controls. For manual control nowadays we use its best as user perspective or to make range selector like we use in android mobile for number selection like for selecting calendar we just use that navigation interface for elevator. If some new member arrive so he/she will easily navigate elevator. And for automatic process I think the fastest and best way is to use face recognition system similar to Window Hello. Before entering to lift the camera above the elevator will scan the face of persons that he/she is the owner, employee or someone else related to the plot or floor. That way restricted floor will be secure and no one can access except the owner / employee / worker (or others new person for limited period). Less

You don’t as there are too many floors. Elevator should travel in one direction only. Traditional call box used to open doors on required floors only. Less

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Do you how to use Adobe XD

3 Answers





The questions are easy. He asked me "do you know xxx(a celebrity)". I said no. "What do you refer to when design IOS and Android APP?" The design challenge is redesign "maaii", their product. Oh, yes, he emphasized: "the interfaces are ugly but they were not designed by me."

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If the product can not be launched after 8 years, then I have no interested

This company is really a horrible place ! Glassdoor blocks a lot of real comments ! I have worked here for more than 1 years! People here doesn’t respect you at all! Creative director got fired because he is a liar! HR lead is super super rude when u resign, your boss is a monster! Less

Answer him as his way: Yes, that is my friend

Samsung Electronics

How can you see yourself in next 5 years?

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I'd like to run my own business - there's no better answer.

I want to develop in my trade - I'm aiming for success and self realisation that I hope would be only to the benefit of your company. My current goals are: [give some goals from your trade that shows you have your internal ambition, self -motivation and that you're so called self-starter]. This I hope to achieve in the next years. Less

I hate this type of question.......


How old are you?

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Are you serious about this? They asked "how old are you" and you call this "illegal question"? I'm so confused right now... Less

Yeah it's illegal in English speaking countries. The Netherlands doesn't really have laws, especially ones that protect employees and private citizens from corporations. Less

Are you supposed to be asking illegal interview questions?

Build a dropdown menú with CSS

3 Answers

That is not a UX designer position. Unreal.


I didn't knew how to do it


Aside from the CEO asking why they would ever hire someone from a company they've never heard of.... "Are you more of a graphic designer or user experience designer...because we can't figure out what we need and no one here seems to understand the difference."

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The CEO is definitely a piece of work. Arrogant people seem to think that they know everything. If you let them, they can really get on your nerves. Assuming you already know you don't want to work for this company, you should have told him this: "That's a stupid question. Do you have a better one?" And then you walk away and let them know that it was all a mistake. Less

CEO was rude an unprofessional.

I should have asked which would pay better.

Etix Everywhere

"Tell me about yourself, your background" - I was asked this about three times.

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I asked what they wanted to know about me and tailored my answer to each person's response. Less

Hello! Can you please describe this personality test that you talked about? Thank you! Less


personal interview round

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it's more like an interactive session. they will provide you their resume to fill your bio-data which includes almost every details of your life. they will ask questions from that. they may ask about the biggest failure of your life. if asked answer it honestly because they consider your failure and what efforts you have put to overcome it. this round is easy. you just need good interpersonal skills. Less

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