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Describe yourself

60 Answers

Do you have any contact number of companies employees. I've also sent my GCN number. Waiting for their call

Is this a fraud company?

yes, IT is a fake company because I also got selected and when I called him to ask about the location of the company then he did not reply.

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100 even number in ascending order first 50 number average is N then all the number average is a N+49 B N+50 C N+55

9 Answers

Linear regression

11 Answers

Mostly situational.. guesstimate and SPSS related questions to mark proficiency in statictics and visualizations.

8 Answers

is technical test score necessary to crack all rounds of interview

6 Answers

Everything related to basic accounts. Questions on P&L and Balance Sheet.

5 Answers

almost evrything on java ,DBMS.

4 Answers

Suppose there is a point A on road. From this point, probability of any car to pass in 20 min. is p; then tell what is probability for any car to pass in 2 min.?

5 Answers

If there 8 balls of same appearance with same 7 of them being same weight how will u find the odd one out using weigh scale with just 2 chances?

3 Answers

5 men 4 women 1arranged in a row 2men after each other

4 Answers
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