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why should i hire you

4 Answers

i too attened the interview on the same date . Now i have been called for managerial round. what questions thy asked u in managerial round. can u please tell

they asked puzzles based on real time scenario.they will check your attitude and decision making skills.

when you attended the interview .is it on 30th may 2015 ?

Equivalent circuits(resistor, capacitor,inductor)

2 Answers

in written test there were 10 questions for half an hour.clear a bit ,toggle a bit,function for itoa ,insert and display linked list,assign a value to address (0x00024), in second round 1.difference between long and short de bounce period,what is background process when interrupt occurs,

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Frame format of CAN PROTOCOL

2 Answers

puzzle round was little easy, people who cracked morethan 5 puzzles out of 7 are selected for next round. software round had pointer and array based output questions hardware round was based on Electronic devices and circuits, linear integrated circuits and circuit theory. technical interview was on basic c and datastructures as an option, people who did puzzles well in the interview also got recruited.

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Swapping Program without temp & operators Structure padding Structure pointers

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write a C function, which returns the bit value. Input parameters 2 integers, first one is the input value and second one is bit number

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questions on DS,OS concepts , general embedded fundamentals

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difference between c and embedded c?

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circuit analysis

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