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why you want to join here?

6 Answers

For a better growth prospectus

New joined

For good carrer...

Which design patterns do you use for database connection

3 Answers

Why are you coming for contract position from permanent role

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Questions on Logarithms

3 Answers

1. The most difficult thing in Grapecity interview is to make the interviewer happy . Whatever you know, he doesn't care. Even he will not listen to your answers. He want to listen only the answer that he knows only without caring if you know better approach.

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Questions picked from internet without any idea of experience and domain of candidate.

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What is MVC

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General question about your job

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Can you store null as key or value in Hashmap

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Since the requirement was for C developer, questions were more in C. Covered almost all the basic topics of C in telephonic interview. Face to face interviews were with programming questions like efficient method to count number of bits set to 1 in a 32-bit register without using shift operators, efficient method to toggle a bit, like that.

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