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Technical Associate Interview Questions


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How will u improve ur english

4 Answers

by communicating among frnd, papaer reading, tution, HAHA

by paper reading ,devolping of vocabulary,waching movies

by communication of all persons in the world, by learn words and meaning,by read all the news papers ,listion english news and movies. by the thought the english ,by read english grammer books

Tell me about yourself

3 Answers

The most difficult question I had to answer was about the gaps I had in my career. They wanted to make sure that I wouldn't be quitting soon.

2 Answers

Why are you interested in joining Bank of America?.

2 Answers

what are my technical degrees?

1 Answer

What is latest exchange server?

1 Answer

We don't even go to your college to hire. Why should we hire you?

1 Answer

try to sell off a broken pen

1 Answer

What were you doing yesterday?

1 Answer

Do you know the latest os of windows? Latest os of mac?

1 Answer
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