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How will u improve ur english

4 Answers

by communicating among frnd, papaer reading, tution, HAHA

by paper reading ,devolping of vocabulary,waching movies

by communication of all persons in the world, by learn words and meaning,by read all the news papers ,listion english news and movies. by the thought the english ,by read english grammer books

Technical Round: 1) Your Laptop/PC configuration 2) Internet Troubleshooting 3) Booting error/how to rectify 4) Phishing mails 5) IP address? How do you find your own ip? 6) TCP/IP protocol

3 Answers

Would you be able to work in shifts & relocate if needed.

1 Answer

learn about basic networking . learn concepts related to confident when dealing with Mac and tcp layer and addressing they asked more specifically on that

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Tell me about yourself

3 Answers

1. The most difficult thing in Grapecity interview is to make the interviewer happy . Whatever you know, he doesn't care. Even he will not listen to your answers. He want to listen only the answer that he knows only without caring if you know better approach.

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The most difficult question I had to answer was about the gaps I had in my career. They wanted to make sure that I wouldn't be quitting soon.

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Print Patterns Program

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If you are helpful guy then why would we hire you, if you do other person's work?

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Questions were mostly based on OOPS JAVA, String manipulations, Data-Structures, Puzzles

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