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Assistant Store Manager Interview Questions


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Why should my juniors work with the company even after getting double salary from other employers.

1 Answer

We can earn much more money if we get opportunity of promotion to higher posts so that even if we change, change for a position first, then for money.

Customer service is more important or the product quality.

1 Answer

what is cross merchandising

2 Answers

how you are beneficial for our company?

1 Answer

Will you be able to carry heavy bags & cartons in case necessary?

3 Answers

what are the procedure to enhance sale in your store.? what measures will you take to kip company in profit.? how you should keep the store at good hygiene level? why you left your previous job?

1 Answer

Tell me about urself and why retail?

1 Answer

they gave situations and asked how will you solve this as a store manager

1 Answer

why you want to change the job?

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