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Puzzle question: A Floating ship contains 1 stone , If I drop that stone in sea,,What will happen with water level??? Is it increase or decrease n why??

8 Answers

after long discussion... concluded that it will decrease..

nothing will happen

even i feel nothing will happen to the level.plz explain the ans.

Find the longest palindrome in a string

3 Answers

You've a singly linked list where every node in the list has a field "random" which points to other node in the same list. Write a function to clone this list (create a new copy of the same). Don't use extra space (just the pointer variables are fine).

3 Answers

Joan and Jim agree to meet at the library after school between 3 and 4 p.m. Each agrees to wait no longer than 15 min for the other. What is the probability that they will meet?

3 Answers

Did you work on Android ????

1 Answer

Determine the anagrams of a word in a file

1 Answer

Describe, in as much detail as possible, everything that happens on a Linux machine from the point when you hit the enter key after typing "./a.out" to the moment when "Hello World!" gets printed on the screen.

1 Answer

Sampada asked me one question, What kind of work you would like to do in our company?

1 Answer

Where do you see yourself after 5/10 years?

1 Answer

they asked some questions related to physics from a student.

1 Answer
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