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First Round- Q1. The following is a description of the instance of this famous puzzle involving 2 eggs and a building with 100 floors. Suppose that we wish to know which floors in a 100-story building are safe to drop eggs from, and which will cause the eggs to break on landing. What strategy should be used to drop eggs such that total number of drops in worst case is minimized and we find the required floor. Q2. { "A":{ "B":"12", "C":"34" } } How to get the value of C as output? Q3.To call an external web service via a button in visualforce page. Q4.Write a trigger to update phone number on case each time its associated accounts' phone number is updated. Q5.How to limit the number of child records in a look up relationship? Some of the other questions were to tell what would be the output for given simple code.

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Refer to this example- myObj = { "name":"John", "age":30, "cars": { "car1":"Ford", "car2":"BMW", "car3":"Fiat" } } You can access nested JSON objects by using the dot notation or bracket notation: Example x =; // or: x =["car2"];

We would first need a way to know the count of children object your parent object has. If it were a master-detail relationship, you could use a rollup summary field for this. You could change your lookup to a master detail, but if you don't want to do that and keep it as a rollup, you have a few options. Use Rollup helper from the app exchange. Great tool that allows you to simulate rollup summaries on lookup relations. Try out the declarative rollup summary tool created by Andy Fawcett. Its an open source project he did to also allow you to simulate rollup summary fields on lookups. Write something yourself with Triggers or Batch classes Once you have one of these created, then you will have a field on the parent that gives you the count of children. Then you just need to write a validation rule on the parent that ensures this count field in not greater than 1. Count_Field__c > 1

We can call our web service class from a custom button on a vf page ,so we can make a API call when we are on the page itself ,and populate that values on the page, For this we use Apex:actionfunction or javascript Remoting.

Can a batch be called from the execute method of another batch apex?

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2. Some questions are related to programming concepts such as OOP, memory management etc.

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which tag is used for vf page as ms word

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All Questions Related to BTech Graduation technical Subjects.

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about java questions.

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Tell me about yourself?

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related to oops,basic data structure and database

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My experience and self introduction since i was in round 1

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1. What is the relationship between Account and Contact. 2. If there is two object A and B the I want A, B object in C how can you do that. 3. can we do same above question with javascript? 4. What is permission set? 5. Sharing rule. 6.what is wsdl how to take wsdl to salesforce? what is the procedure. 7.What is record type? 8. How to count visit of the page through apex class? or how to count the number of times a visualforce page opened by user? public without sharing class ViewCount { public ViewCount(ApexPages.StandardController controller) { // Required with StandardController } public ViewCount(CustomController controller) { // Required for custom controller; repeat as necessary } public void updateCount() { String thisUrl = Url.getCurrentRequestUrl(), thisPath = thisUrl.getPath(), thisFile = thisUrl.getFile(), thisFullPath = thisPath + '/' + thisFile; Page_View__c[] views = [SELECT Id, URL__c, Count__c FROM Page_View__c WHERE URL__c = :thisFullPath LIMIT 1]; Page_View__c thisView = views.isEmpty()? new Page_View__c(Url__c=thisFullPath, Count__c=0): views[0]; thisView.Count++; update thisView; } } Then, on each page, simply add the action method: 1 Answer

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