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Can a batch be called from the execute method of another batch apex?

3 Answers

No.. another batch class can be called from a start or a finish method of our batch class. But never from the execute method.


Yes but only from finish method else it will throw a run time error

Write a trigger and design Visual Force Page according to given instruction?

2 Answers

Can we call batch class from other batch class

2 Answers

2. Some questions are related to programming concepts such as OOP, memory management etc.

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JAVA related questions & OOPS concept

2 Answers

1. How will you do integration with the multiple external systems (more than 10)at a time after record created/updated in salesforce?

2 Answers

which tag is used for vf page as ms word

2 Answers

All Questions Related to BTech Graduation technical Subjects.

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what are record types and why it is used?

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The boss Rohit Giridhar asked me to not waste his time and get lost.

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