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Can a batch be called from the execute method of another batch apex?

3 Answers

No.. another batch class can be called from a start or a finish method of our batch class. But never from the execute method.


Yes but only from finish method else it will throw a run time error

Write a trigger and design Visual Force Page according to given instruction?

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2. Some questions are related to programming concepts such as OOP, memory management etc.

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1. How will you do integration with the multiple external systems (more than 10)at a time after record created/updated in salesforce?

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which tag is used for vf page as ms word

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All Questions Related to BTech Graduation technical Subjects.

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1. What is the relationship between Account and Contact. 2. If there is two object A and B the I want A, B object in C how can you do that. 3. can we do same above question with javascript? 4. What is permission set? 5. Sharing rule. 6.what is wsdl how to take wsdl to salesforce? what is the procedure. 7.What is record type? 8. How to count visit of the page through apex class? or how to count the number of times a visualforce page opened by user? public without sharing class ViewCount { public ViewCount(ApexPages.StandardController controller) { // Required with StandardController } public ViewCount(CustomController controller) { // Required for custom controller; repeat as necessary } public void updateCount() { String thisUrl = Url.getCurrentRequestUrl(), thisPath = thisUrl.getPath(), thisFile = thisUrl.getFile(), thisFullPath = thisPath + '/' + thisFile; Page_View__c[] views = [SELECT Id, URL__c, Count__c FROM Page_View__c WHERE URL__c = :thisFullPath LIMIT 1]; Page_View__c thisView = views.isEmpty()? new Page_View__c(Url__c=thisFullPath, Count__c=0): views[0]; thisView.Count++; update thisView; } } Then, on each page, simply add the action method: 1 Answer

what are record types and why it is used?

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Would you like to ask us Any thing?

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When will you join?

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