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Associate manager Interview Questions


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Are you ready for work

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Creativity test.Why on earth you need to be creative when you are applying for a analytics job.What is required is probably good aptitude test with perhaps good programming skills.To some extent case presentation also makes sense if you are expected to handle clients(consulting).But why creativity test?Its not a advertising company..Right!!

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Do you have any experience of handling huge amount of data and deriving meaningful conclusion out of it?

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What were your responsibilities in your previous job role?

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All standard questions

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i was asked about me, general questions of Project management, Foundations of BA and basic project management. Thorough questions on mobility (web and apps)

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What do u want to do with your life?

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Tell me about your family background.

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What is the role in your previous company

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When would you use k means cluster and when would you use hierarchical cluster?

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