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Creativity test.Why on earth you need to be creative when you are applying for a analytics job.What is required is probably good aptitude test with perhaps good programming skills.To some extent case presentation also makes sense if you are expected to handle clients(consulting).But why creativity test?Its not a advertising company..Right!!

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Horrible experience.Management is just not mature enough to handle interview process.Its just that Analytics is hot in the market and the company is growing...thats why nothing is being questioned.Otherwise the whole process is not relevant.It would have made some sense if it was for freshers.But for Associate managers with significant industry experience..Just no sense.

so what is relevant according to you brother what the step should i have to take to clear all this round ,i thinks they want creativity just for sake to know the persons thinking approach how they proceed for the particular problem and how they will handle those problem ..

The whole selection process is irrelevant bro.Because even if you clear all rounds with a great score,you will find someone with a lower score get selected.All that is required is to make your presence felt by asking some random questions..Mu sigma folks will identify you as a potential candidate :-)..Very stupid but that is what it is.. Regarding your point on Creativity test: To understand a person's thought process,one should see how logically a candidate can approach a problem since when you are in your job,you will provide solutions to the client through your analytical and logical mind..Again I would like to stress on the fact that it is an analytics company..You are not in the film industry or an ad agency where you would like to be creative to keep people glued to your product/film...

What do u want to do with your life?

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All standard questions

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Do you have any experience of handling huge amount of data and deriving meaningful conclusion out of it?

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Regarding FCRA, how to identifying the FCRA Remittance from a donor if its by an NRI.!??

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Just Puzzles. Algebra and Resume

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Generally you will be asked to quote instances from your past experience where you have faced a specific situation and what did you do to overcome the problem

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What newspapers do you read and following that was to design a strategy for a company, that was in the recent news.

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Leadership quality

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Basic data structure questions, stacks and queues. Multi Threading , collection framework, design patterns and system designing. Thread pool concepts. Basically core java and algorithm designing for problem solving

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