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In puzzle test , a small town, there are three temples in a row and a well in front of each temple. A pilgrim came to the town with certain number of flowers. Before entering the first temple, he washed all the flowers he had with the water of well. To his surprise, flowers doubled. He offered few flowers to the God in the first temple and moved to the second temple. Here also, before entering the temple he washed the remaining flowers with the water of well. And again his flowers doubled. He offered few flowers to the God in second temple and moved to the third temple. Here also, his flowers doubled after washing them with water. He offered few flowers to the God in third temple. There were no flowers left when pilgrim came out of third temple and he offered same number of flowers to the God in all three temples. What is the minimum number of flowers the pilgrim had initially? How many flower did he offer to each God?

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Two students appeared at an examination. One of them secured 9 marks more than the other and his marks was 56% of the sum of their marks. The marks obtained by them are:

Pilgrim has 7 flowers initially and he offers 8 on each temple :P ;-)

42 and 33

What will be the output if 100 volt DC is fed into 1:2 Transformer ?

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What should be done just before sending out a signal into another domain if its under your control?

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Find double square no.eg 12^2+33^2=1233.

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Explain hidden shares. How do they work?

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draw the power supply diagram. draw basic gates and universal gates along with expression and truth table. some more related with DC-DC DC-AC AC-AC converters.

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Explain the how capacitor works

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Difference between cmos and transistor?

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Who is (my name) ?

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