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On a revenue loss of a client

4 Answers

Direct communication with land lord,requesting correction of conditions and compensation for loss of revenue

he is inofom to this matter subordenate or friends he will curect the problem

we gives sugestoin,he will solve the problem

which are the private network addresses?

5 Answers

How to implement security between ASP.NET and SQL server database

2 Answers

Will you be able to join immediately?

3 Answers

"Why would we consider you for this role, where other qualified candidates are available ?

2 Answers

Very individualistic

2 Answers

How long will you be here in Sutherland?

2 Answers

The most difficult question I had to answer was about the gaps I had in my career. They wanted to make sure that I wouldn't be quitting soon.

2 Answers

ask abt mobile handset......

4 Answers

One variety of petrol costs Rs 130 and another costs Rs 90. TO obtain a mixture of 80 litres of petrol costing Rs. 90, how many litres of Rs90 petrol should be used ? Options: 50 30 40 15 25

2 Answers
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