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Associate Systems Engineer Interview Questions


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Questions based on your resume together with DS/DAA questions.

3 Answers

Can you please elaborate on what questions exactly asked in DS/DAA? I got an interview with them next week. Thanks in advance

Even i have the same interview.

Bro, 2020 pass out??

I am from ECE. They asked me why d u want to join an IT company as u r from ece.

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What is SDLC?

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1.Self Introducion 2.About Project (direct and cross questions) 3.Basic Electronics questions (As I am a ECE student.) 4.Situation based question. etc.

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What is the difference between fork and exec

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Puzzle based on a bike with 2 tire and 1 extra tire how long it can travel if 1 wheel can go upto 10 kms

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All basic knowledge in networking and linux

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Write a program to print odd nos from 1 to 20

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What is success according to you?

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