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Senior systems engineer Interview Questions


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All the basic questions on my subject

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Yeah it was good. I answered all questions

Have u got the offer letter?

Yes and I joined there

if ur manager is not satisfied with team task; how will you handle it and convincve your manager if u were team lead?

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The interview panel was of 2 members, they asked my 3 key skills from the skills mentioned in the CV. I said, C# and SQL. The started questioning me. They were having a list of 20 questions which i guess was given to them for the interview. I was able to answer most of the questioins from page life cycle to string operations to sorting to searching an element. They also asked SYstem.IO based questions to read the notepad file and then do manipulations. The interview went for around one and half hours and i was expecting it to be cleared. Then the HR came to be and there I was told in a straight forward manner that they cant pay me that i was expecting. Even they were not providing any hike on my current pay package. So i thought to better leave and not to waste my time.

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String str1="abc"; String str2="abc"; String str3=new String ("abc"); String str4=str1; How many memory allocation will be there.

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you have 9 balls out of which 1 is lighter than others how would find which one is lighter by using a weighing scale and in minimum number of weighing s .

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Production to DR setup

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Group discussion was conducted on the topic Water scarcity

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suppose there is a class called employee having fields like employee id, name, salary how to sort thm according to name if two names are similar then according to salary and like wise

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They check basics of any skill

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OOPS concepts, Matrix multiplication, All basic C++ questions. String reversal etc

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