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Assume a matrix of integers they are sorted in boh row and column vice .. how do u find a given number from the matrix in a optimal way?

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Let the matrix is n*m matrix. Then O(n log m) solution is trivial (binary search in each row). There is a easy O(n+m) solution too. The idea is to start from upper right corner (mat[0][m-1]) and traverse toward lower left corner (mat[n-1][0]). On the way check each entry and depending on whether larger go left or down. If there is a solution you will find it on the way. Or you will arrive to a point where you can no longer move without going out of the matrix. Either way you will check at most O(n+m) entries thus the solution in O(n+m).

I think it could be done even better than in O(n+m). Instead of starting at the upper right corner do a binary search on last column and find the biggest element that is still smaller than the given number. Say it's gonna be A[i, m-1]. Now we could throw away all rows up to an including i (since A[i, m-1] is larger than all of these elements) and the last column. Repeat everything for a smaller matrix of size (n - i, m - 1);

To elaborate a little on dp's idea and add my take on it I would do a binary search on the last column to find the interval where the number is in. This interval will be one row within the matrix (assuming the value is not in the last column) and to find the interval should be O(log n). Then I would do a binary search on the row that remains which should cost O(log m). Combined that would be O(log n) + O(log m). Let me know what you guys think of this solution.

Consider a stack of N number of cards which are piled up and in facing down. Each card has a unique number from the range 1 to N. The card is stacked in such a way that it exhibits the following behavior: Take the first card and put it under the stack without revealing. Now the next card on the top will have the number 1 on it. Next take 2 cards one after the other and put is under the stack without revealing. Yes you guessed it right - the next card on the top will reveal a value of 2. This goes on. Eg. for such a series : 9,1,8,5,2,4,7,6,3,10 [for N=10] Write a program to generate such a series for a given N number of cards so that this behavior can be exercised.

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The most surprising part was that i was even asked questions about the basic electronics in the interview round as my branch was ECE...

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Sort Binary Arrays - {0,1,0,1,1,1,0,0,0,1}

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SDLC, what games have you played till now? Have you played any PS games or not. Difference between Regression Testing and Retesting.

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Given a string, konylabsinterview write a program to return bool if a given pattern matches.pattern example - kon*lab*terview*

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Code to find a missing number in an array

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what is difference between stlc and sdlc? Difference between functional and non-functional.? Black box testing?I was asked some negative scenoriao for upload photo. About academic project and roles and responsibolity.smoke testing

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String Palindrom, reverse words in a string, find longest substring in a string, duplicate characters in a string and print the count of it.

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Testing Questions 1.What are order of testing? Order these testing in ascending order Functional Testing, System testing, Integration Testing, unit testing,UI Testing,Security Testing,black box testing? 2. Whatis the difference between unit,integration and system testing? 3.There is a site where we register edit/add hotels information So you have to write essential test cases so we can test this php site .Following are the features provided ? Billing and Make payment Upload video Address Waiting Queue Description Submit Push notification Add hotel Info Hotel Logo 4.There is FOR lop For (i=0;i<1000:i++) ,How will you test this loop write valid test cases Analytical Questions:- 1.There are 10 pair of black socks and 10 red pairs of socks and you are allowd to take only one socks at a time and u cant see which socks u r piking S tell how many least socks will you pick so a pair is formed? 2.James and jones are called as smith and Charles but i am not sure whether it is james Smith or Jones Charles and James Charles or Jones smith, One of the statements given below are false so tell what is jame s full name? a James is called as smith b jones is called as Charles c james is called as Charles 3.Mising string questions 4.3 strings are given as all these black ,grey and whitw circles are independent are of each other so what will be 4th string value? In first string 2black circles and 4 white circles are given and a values is given at teh bottom as 33 In second string 3grey circles and 2 white circles are given and a values is given at teh bottom as 31 In Thisrd string 3 white circles and 2 black circles are given and a values is given at teh bottom as 33 In fourth string 2black circles and 4 white circles and 3 grey circles are given and no value is given here this means we have t find value of this string?

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