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Coding round

3 Answers

Is this question same as given on -

Possibly these people are not taking interviews to hire but to advertise themselves in the market that such company also exists.

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How can you access global static variables from other files

2 Answers

It includes basic concepts, IPC, OS fundamentals. Given some real world problem scenarios, how you will solve it.

2 Answers

math puzzle about ppl standing in a circle and the k'th guy getting shot repeatedly, find the last man standing

2 Answers

Write code to implement a LRU cache with eviction

2 Answers

implement hash table in C++

2 Answers

The technical interview was scenario-based and it was decent but HR and Management round was not up to mark they spoke as if this is the only company in the world and everyone will be waiting to join here.

1 Answer

What is your strength?

1 Answer

Why Freshworks?

1 Answer

Find cube root without using builtin function? Given a BST find the node that is connected in wrong way.

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